Returns management is seen as one of the key roadblocks to developing a truly Global eCommerce offering, and it's no secret that having an effective worldwide returns policy is a vital stepping stone towards eCommerce excellence.

Case Study

SUNGLASSES SHOP is an online reseller of iconic eyewear, stocking a range of designer fashion brands including RayBan, Celine, Michael Kors and Burberry. Based in the UK, the ecommerce retailer has a large market in the UK and the US.


How do UK and European brands, that are looking to sell globally for the first time, put such policies in place without incurring a huge amount of cost and complexity? 

The answer is to find a logistics partner who can manage your returns process locally - allowing you to develop returns policies which make life easy for the customer, but are still financially appealing from a business perspective. This approach gives consumers in that market peace of mind that their returns process is being managed at a local level, which drives customer confidence and ultimately, increases sales.

SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics offers a one-stop returns service with more global reach than anyone else in the business. With eight fulfilment centres around the world, we can provide 'pay as you go' returns centres in any geographical territory, to manage your entire returns process - regardless of whether you use our in-country fulfilment services or not.

Consolidation is Key

Let's take a footwear retailer as an example, a sector where fit is always an issue and returns volumes are high. As a UK brand, you may want to sell into the US via your new eCommerce website, or likewise, a US brand might want to sell into Australia - but you also want to offer the customer an easy and efficient returns process. Yet at the same time, you don't currently sell enough products to warrant a stock holding in the US or Australia, with locally managed fulfilment and returns.

So what do you do? For every pair of heavy winter boots that don't fit, shipping them back to your warehouse is an expensive business. You need a smarter solution.

SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics has the answer. We can offer you a fully managed returns facility at any one of our eight global fulfilment centres. You simply give our closest location as your returns address in that territory, and we will collect and consolidate all returned items in country.

We can then ship these back to you in bulk, at whatever intervals you prefer, as well as providing updated weekly inventory reporting via our web-based software, so you know exactly what returned stock we are holding on your behalf. 

Not only does this process drastically reduce the physical cost of the returns, it also gives your customers complete confidence that they can return purchases locally, therefore making them feel more confident about ordering further items in the future.

Handling the Red Tape

Customs and taxes present another large challenge for global returns. Let's take a UK fashion retailer, selling into China. If you're shipping 500 returned dresses back to the UK from Hong Kong, how do you prove to customs that you are not in fact exporting them from China to the UK? Without hunting out 500 separate documents to prove that each one was sent in from the UK in the first place, you would be liable for customs duty and tax on each one.

There is an answer of course, and it involves approaching HM Customs directly in the UK. SEKO's Customs Consultancy team can do this for you. We have a high level of experience in this field and can manage the process of being vetted and approved to ensure that the correct regime and approvals are granted on your behalf. Once we have set everything up, bringing returned items back into the UK becomes a painless operation, with no further tax or duty implications.

By removing these two roadblocks you can confidently open up your eCommerce sales strategy to any territory around the world - secure in the knowledge that your customers can return unwanted goods easily and quickly via SEKO to your own warehouse facilities with minimum cost and complexity.


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