SEKO offers a full suite of customizable, best-in-class logistics services for High Value shipments - designed specifically for the technology, hardware, solar, medical, renewables, trade show and events sectors. Our High Value logistics services are built upon the same services which we offer for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, meaning that we can guarantee the highest standards of care and attention.


From Global air freight to complex technical assembly, distribution and time-definite deliveries, SEKO offers a suite of supply chain solutions for any sector which needs to manage and transport High Value technical equipment or machinery. Our services include:

  • Demo management
  • Finished goods installation
  • Removal and returns management
  • Qualified 3PL (ISO 13485)
  • Value added services 
  • First and last mile deliveries
  • Packaging services
  • White glove services

Case Study


Providing global visibility for a rapidly expanding business delivering virtualization technology and data management products that enable workload-optimized solutions. SEKO’s distribution model is also helping the business manage spikes of activity month to month – with the combination of MySEKO and SEKO WMS enabling accurate validation of product movement, and the associated revenue recognition which is vital for a public company.

White Glove

This is a particularly important service when it comes to High Value shipments. Our professional range of White Glove services ensure careful handling of all types of cargo, and our trusted teams ensure that all deliveries are transported from supplier to customer in style – to guarantee that your valuable and time-sensitive cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Our range of services provide similar specialized care for the delivery, transportation and installation of medical devices, so you can be sure that you and your customers will receive a professional and secure delivery for all types of High Value cargo.


Renewable Energy

We have numerous solar and wind clients, as this energy sector continues to develop rapidly around the world. With our extensive Global network of warehouses, we can cost-effectively service your distribution channels, however valuable your shipments are.


SEKO’s High Value logistics services are backed up by our in-house developed, leading-edge web based supply chain software and our Asset Management capability. MySEKO has been developed in-house, enabling us to deliver a unique service offering and a truly customized solution which will improve processes, reduce workloads and increase margin opportunity.

Remain in constant contact with the progress and location of your goods with MySEKO’s web-based tracking, so you know when to expect your fully vetted SEKO driver - even down to the minute. We work with a diverse repertoire of clients, including Beckman Coulter, GXI/Xerox, Escalade Sports and Bailiwick, who attest to the claim that we really can deliver on any product.

Meanwhile our Asset Management technology and services give you the ability to track all of your valuable inventory in the field using our mobile WMS or Asset Management technology. We also provide Asset Recovery services, so when your high value equipment comes back with missing parts, or doesn’t come back at all, we can track down and return your assets, saving you money and headaches.


Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers.

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iDirect partners with SEKO to provide distribution to remote locations