Japan Service Update from New SEKO Logistics Osaka Facility

abr. 18 2011

Itasca, IL

In spite of devastation, SEKO opens new Osaka office.

SEKO is very pleased to announce that from April 1 we have opened a new sales and operation office in Osaka, west Japan, fully capable to handle all the shipments bounded/originated to/from the Kansai region.

The sales activities will be under the responsibility of Mr. Kinoshita Hisanori, assisted by Ms. Noriko Miyaki, providing all with the same level of service as our office in Tokyo, which will continue, for the time being, to handle the shipments from/to Japan.

Further to this, the new Osaka branch will also give us higher penetration into a region that today is the best candidate to become the next pillar of the economy during the recovery process of the north area, affected by the tragic events of the past weeks.

Airlines and shipping lines are resuming all services and all major ports and airports are scheduled to operate at normal conditions.

Japan has anyway shown that the recovery has already started, last week the main highway to the north east reopened to the regular traffic and the inland supply chain is improving every day.

It will surely take time to fully recover from such massive disaster but the country is already moving back to normality and daily achievement, such as also our new Osaka office, are confidence boosters to all the involved people in order to keep moving forward

SEKO will continue to monitor the situation to minimize the impact on service. Feel free to contact your local SEKO office if you feel that your service may be affected by the current situation.