Northeast U.S. Hurricane Update: SEKO Newark and the Port of New York & New Jersey Open Monday

nov. 05 2012

Chicago, IL

Operations in the entire Northeast U.S. have begun to return to normal. All airports are back up and running. Many pickups and deliveries in New York and New Jersey may still be affected as power outages and flooding persist days after the hurricane.

As a result of Hurricane Sandy and the ensuing damage to the port infrastructure at the ports of New York and New Jersey many vessels had been diverted to other ports along the East Coast. We are anticipating delays of several days to the original ETA of your cargo. As a result of the diversion, additional costs will be incurred to dray the containers to their final destinations.

Your cargo will be discharged at the diverted port by the underlining steamship line and will be subject to section 13 of our conditions of contract "Voyage Frustration".

Our licensed customs brokers will work closely with the carriers to arrange customs clearance at the diverted ports. We will closely monitor all shipments to ensure a smooth and timely clearance upon discharge. Even though many of the terminals have opened, port delays can be expected throughout all of this week.

Should you have questions or concerns please contact your local sales representative or account manager.

We thank you for you continued support of SEKO Logistics and understanding during these difficult times.

SEKO Logistics Offices

• SEKO Newark (EWR)Open

Power is slowly being restored to businesses and residents in New Jersey. Availability of fuel is still an issue as gasoline rationing has begun. Some areas still remain flooded and have power outages. Many businesses remain closed. SEKO Newark now has power and is slowly returning to normal operations.

• SEKO New York (JFK) Open

Same fuel issue described above. Lack of fuel complicates cartage operations. Some areas still remain flooded and with power outages, so maneuvering around city and surrounding areas is difficult and service remains a bit sketchy. Some areas have recovered well, but service many be affected by fuel issue and accessibility through other areas.

• SEKO Philadelphia (PHL)Open

Areas serviced by PHL near or in New Jersey still have some problems with power and accessibility.

• SEKO Baltimore (BWI/IAD/DCA)Open

• SEKO Providence (PVD)Open

Some more rural areas remain without power, especially in Rhode Island south.

• SEKO Boston (BOS) Open

• SEKO Hartford (BDL) Open

Power outages and flooding remain in some parts of southern Connecticut.

• SEKO Norfolk (ORF) Open

• SEKO Medtec (State College, PA) Open

Air Freight – All airports are up and running.

Ocean Freight – Port of New York/New Jersey – Open– The Port of New York and New Jersey is slowly returning to normal operations on Monday. – Other Northeast Ports – Open

Ground Freight/Home Deliveries – Pickups and Deliveries may be delayed or postponed due to road closures and/or flooded areas. Home Delivery appointments may also be rescheduled as well. Roads and bridges are beginning to be opened up through the area, but many roads remain closed and/or inaccessible. We expect some issues to remain in some residential areas, which may affect residential deliveries in remote areas or parts of JFK and EWR. We recommend holding JFK and EWR residential freight until the weekend at least as space becomes a bit of an issue on the delivery end. Check with the stations on any hot commercial pickup or delivery activity.

You can also access our customized map here. Blue = Partial Service, Red = Very Limited/No Service

Contact Your Local SEKO Office For Further Updates