SEKO Logistics Announces Two Significant C–Level Promotions

may. 04 2011

Itasca, IL

SEKO ( – a global provider of supply-chain solutions, including comprehensive transportation, logistics and IT solutions – is pleased to announce a reshaping at the corporate executive level. Steven Goldberg, executive vice president and COO, has been appointed chief vision officer (CVO) for SEKO. Randy Sinker, executive vice president of operations, has been promoted to chief operating officer.

As SEKO’s CVO, Goldberg is responsible for taking a high-level, consultative approach to the company as a whole. With SEKO having made significant changes to the company’s Strategic Partners structure earlier this year, Goldberg will analyze how the model is being implemented domestically, and how it can be replicated and expanded globally with all SEKO offices. He will focus on all departments; finding ways to enhance efficiencies within the company, drive customer alignment, as well as evaluating industry trends and expectations for future company development.

“I am excited to take on the challenge as SEKO’s visionary,” said Goldberg. “It will be a way to look outside the day-to-day responsibilities and see the bigger picture. I see this opportunity as a way to reinvent SEKO and establish an even bigger presence, continuing global expansion and growth leadership.”

As SEKO’s new COO, Sinker is responsible for directly managing SEKO’s growth and expansion, while keeping the company on course to achieve its stated corporate goals. Sinker will focus on the importance of communication as well as bring accountability throughout the company by implementing strong operational processes, measuring system efficiencies, and enhancing overall customer experiences.

“I look forward to my redefined partnership with Steven Goldberg, and turning the SEKO vision into a reality,” says Sinker. “I have some big shoes to fill. However, there is an unlimited amount of opportunity at SEKO to enhance our operational efficiencies and turn those efficiencies into growth opportunity. I believe these changes also represent a turning point for SEKO.”

SEKO continues to expand in direct response to increased customer requirements for integrated logistics services across the globe. The company’s Strategic Partner business model is based on creating a collaborative network of independent contractors that have local business, cultural and regional expertise, and applying to their businesses the best practices of SEKO’s organizational structure, IT systems and overall resources. The result provides clients with a seamless, global logistics network.

About SEKO

Founded in 1976, SEKO is a global, third-party logistics provider with more than 50 offices in the United States and more than 50 offices in 40+ countries worldwide. It offers a full range of supply-chain solutions including domestic and global air, ocean, and ground transportation, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trans‐border distribution, U.S. home delivery, and DC bypass shipping. SEKO’s IT solutions offer a broad range of real‐time, Web‐based shipment management and data exchange tools for a high degree of supply-chain visibly. To learn more about SEKO visit us at