SEKO Logistics Continues to Support Gandys Orphans for Orphans Charity

feb. 18 2014

SEKO Logistics is continuing to support a charity set up by two brothers orphaned in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to give children in India access to education, health and nutritional care.

Rob and Paul Forkan, founders of Gandys Flip Flops set up their ‘Orphans for Orphans’ charity in partnership with The Mango Tree Trust, a fantastic children’s charity in Goa. Donating 10% of profits to the Trust, their aim is to ultimately open their own orphanage in this year, in memory of their parents, Kevin and Sandra, who were tragically killed in the tsunami that claimed over 230,000 lives in 14 countries.

As the supply chain partner of Gandys Flip Flops, SEKO Logistics is making a donation for every logistics shipment it manages for the company. We were therefore incredibly proud - and pleased - to be invited along to the official opening of Gandys' first HQ - along with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in attendance!

Feeling blue at the launch

Not content with simply opening the new HQ, the Mayor also took the time to design an exclusive new flip flop - featuring the iconic London red buses that adorn the capital. And in honour of his visit, Rob and Paul have now renamed their own original flip flop from the Brighton Blue to - of course - the 'Boris Blue'.

Picture of Boris Blue Gandys Flip Flops

Representing SEKO at the launch was Dean Townsend, who had the pleasure of presenting the brothers a cheque for the donations SEKO has made as Gandys' supply chain partner throughout the year.

On their blog, Rob and Paul expressed their thanks to those that had supported them in their journey so far: "Many thanks for the lovely people that came down to support and to those who helped us get to this step!"

To find out more about the official opening of the first Gandys HQ, visit the brothers' blog. And to view products and find out more about Orphans for Orphans, head to the Gandys website.