SEKO Logistics Offering Complimentary Webinars on IT Solutions

mar. 30 2011

Itasca, IL

SEKO's IT Support Specialist, Ashley Sweeney will lead the webinars that will take place starting in April

SEKO ( – a global provider of supply chain solutions, including comprehensive transportation, logistics, and IT solutions – announced it will offer several complimentary webinars this spring.

SEKO offers a large suite of technology solutions in the supply chain industry and builds customized logistics solutions that harness the power of existing business processes and systems. SEKO’s supply chain management solutions can augment current practices or generate new procedures providing enhanced visibility.

SEKO’s transportation and support specialists create customized solutions to connect the moving parts in and around businesses. The supply chain technology augment customized solutions, providing real-time business metrics including shipment tracking, external supplier management, and inventory/warehouse management. With that, SEKO provides a MySEKO portal to access a robust reporting suite that includes any number of on-demand metrics to eliminate all but major exception management.

Ideal webinar participants include anyone involved in the movement of goods, such as: contract issuers, manufacturers, supply chain professionals, purchasers, logistics personnel, buyers, sellers, executives, traffic managers and sales people. The webinars are welcome to any existing customers, prospects, or anyone interested in technology or new efficiencies for their supply chain.

Participants will be guided through a narrated PowerPoint presentation on their choice of solution topic between Supplier Management, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and the MySEKO Customer Portal.

Visit the registration page by clicking here:

About webinar host, Ashley Sweeney:

Ashley came to SEKO from an Information Technology Associate position in Boston, MA. Using a team approach to satisfy customer demands, Ashley spends the majority of her time working with the Product Managers of SEKO Corporate IT to ensure proper documentation on all sales is provided as well as managing the process of each solution prospect. Since becoming a member of SEKO, she has been trained comprehensively on all software solutions pertaining to the entire supply chain, including Warehousing, Transportation and Supplier Management. Ashley serves as the IT Support Specialist - working as the liaison between SEKO’s prospects, sales and technology departments with more than 100 SEKO offices in the US and over 40 countries.

About SEKO

Founded in 1976, SEKO is a global, third-party logistics provider with more than 50 offices in the United States and more than 50 offices in 40+ countries worldwide. It offers a full range of supply-chain solutions including domestic and global air, ocean, and ground transportation, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trans‐border distribution, U.S. home delivery, and DC bypass shipping. SEKO’s IT solutions offer a broad range of real‐time, Web‐based shipment management and data exchange tools for a high degree of supply-chain visibly. To learn more about SEKO visit us at